Painter Near Me

If you are looking for a “painter near me,” you are better off working with the professionals at Turner Painting Company. Painting a house by yourself can be quite a daunting challenge. In addition, it may lead to mistakes that will leave your home looking unappealing. There are a few essential factors to know when working with a painter contractor.

What is a painter contractor?

The painter contractors of Turner Painting Company are home improvement specialists who specialize in painting interior and exterior of buildings including houses, apartments and commercial properties.

How Do I find a good house painter near me?

It takes a bit of planning and research to find a good painter contractor in the Kansas City metropolitan area.

First, ask your friends or family for recommendations for good painters. Talk to real estate agents and general contractors for referrals. You may also get good referrals from your local paint store or a neighbor who recently painted their house. Satisfied customers are the best referrals.

Once you have a list of referrals, check to ensure that your state licenses them. You can also look up the licensure status of your referrals online.

Create a shortlist and ask the painters in your shortlist to provide contact information of three or more references. Contact the references and ask them when they hired the painter. The longer ago the painter was hired, the better the paint job held up.

If you decide to go ahead and inspect the properties of the references, pay attention to the paint job around the trim, windows, and doors. Painting these areas require a unique technique and offer great insights into the quality of a paint job.

Good contractors do not just do quality work; they are also courteous, excellent communicators and pleasant. At Turner Painting Company, our painters know their job and are enthusiastic about every painting project. They have a positive attitude towards projects and behave professionally at all times.

We make an effort to complete every paint job on schedule and within budget. When you call us to come and paint your home, we will arrive early, do the job, and leave your house as clean as we found it.

In addition to references, get bids from your finalists. Make the bids based on standard criteria. Find out the estimated timeframes for your painting project and if there is a waitlist. At Turner Painting Company, we are so confident about our work we offer written warranties.

How much does a painter charge per hour?

Painter labor costs vary depending on the experience level, season, and type of painting project. On average, painters charge about $50 an hour for painting projects. However, some painters may charge up to $70 per hour.

When it comes to pricing, Turner Painting Company is transparent. Clients do not have to worry about hidden charges. What is quoted on the invoice is precisely what you will pay for.

How do I choose a painter near me?

Choosing a painter is a process. First, you want to explore your options by looking for referrals from friends and family or the Better Business Bureau. Next, get bids from the companies that have piqued your interest.

Interview the candidates that meet the desired skill levels and ask for references.  You are better off with a company like Turner Painting Company because we will carefully listen to your needs and do a paint job that meets all your requirements. Contact us today to discuss your painting project.