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Painting your Kansas City home offers an excellent way to beautify the house and enhance the curb appeal. Painting also helps increase the value of the home and protect the walls. At Turner Painting Company, we specialize in providing professional painting services. For more than 33 years, our trusted painters have been restoring and repairing homes and businesses throughout the Kansas City area. Our ability to provide prompt and excellent painting services make us one of the best painters in Kansas City.

Why Should I Paint My Home?

Painting your Kansas City home offers many benefits. These include:

Beautify Your Home: One of the significant benefits of painting is to beautify the home. Painting the interior and exterior of your home will help improve the look. Your home will look lovely and appealing.

Enhance Curb Appeal: Applying a fresh coat of paint offers a great way to enhance your home’s curb and outdoor appeal. With this, your home will look attractive and fascinating.

Increase Your Home’s Value: Painting helps to increase the value of your Kansas City home. A professionally painted home will catch the eye of potential homebuyers, thus, selling faster. Painting your home is certainly a long-term investment.

Hides Permanent Marks and Stains: Painting your walls can be an excellent way to cover permanent marks and stains that have become difficult to remove.

Protects Your Walls: The walls of your Kansas City home will be better protected from inclement weather like ice and snow with a fresh paint job vs paint that is cracked or chipped. The paint will act as the first line of defense against moisture, extreme weather, insects, and other damages.

How Much Does it Cost to Paint a House?

The cost of painting a home usually depends on several factors. These include:

  • Cost of prep and repair.

  • Square footage of the wall and ceiling space.

  • The number of rooms.

  • Painting materials – matte, matte enamel, eggshell, high gloss, and semi-gloss.

  • The design of your home.

  • Cost of paint and painting materials.

However, clients often choose the contractor with the lowest estimate after getting quotes from three or four painters in Kansas City. Such a painter ends up using the most inferior quality paint and the lowest quality material.

You can contact our trusted painters at Turner Painting Company for an accurate estimate. We only make use of the highest quality paints and the highest quality material. Our paints do not fade or wash easily. They are guaranteed to make your home look beautiful and appealing for many years to come.

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Contact us today at Turner Painting Company if you need expert painters to handle your painting project. Our services are affordable, prompt, and highly professional. Our experts will be available to speak with you and discuss the options available to you. We will create a personalized painting solution depending on your budget and painting needs. We serve clients in Kansas City and surrounding cities. We guarantee you excellent services.