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Turner Painting Company is your reliable provider of professional painting services in Lee’s Summit, MO. For more than 33 years, our professional painters in Lee’s Summit, MO have been recognized to provide excellent, top class painting services to homes and business in the area. Our professional crew has the skill, tools, and expertise, to paint both residential and commercial properties. Whether you are painting your single-family home, condo, office, retail store, duplex, or more, we can get the job done quickly and exceptionally. Our professional painting services are guaranteed to make your property more beautiful and appealing.

How Often Should You Paint Your House Interior?

As a result of daily wear and tear, some walls in your Lee’s Summit MO home need to be repainted more frequently than the rest. The living area, kitchen, hallways, and bathrooms are often used daily. You may need to paint these spaces more frequently.

Living Room and Dining Room: If you use high quality, durable, fine paints for your living room and dining room, you may not need to repaint for a couple of years. Even if you use these spaces more than other rooms in your home, the durable paints will help protect the walls from wear. Although, you may want to repaint every 4 to 6 years to keep the space beautiful and appealing.

Bathroom and Kitchen: Various factors such as moisture in the bathroom, food splatters, messy fingers, and smoke on the kitchen wall can make the entire area look dull and unappealing. Hence, it is important that you repaint your kitchen and bathroom more often than the living room and dining room.

The majority of professional painters make use of gloss paints for bathroom and kitchen walls. This ensures that the paints last for a longer time. Nonetheless, you can repaint every 3 to 4 years to keep your kitchen and bathroom stunning and fascinating.

Hallway and Corridor: Your usual walk through your home will take you many times through your hallways and corridors compared to other spaces in your Lee’s Summit, MO home. Chances are, there will be more scuff marks, stains, and dents on these walls. Consider repainting every 2 to 3 years to keep the hallways and corridors looking fresh and new.

Bedrooms: Most times, you won’t need to repaint your bedroom unless you want to change the color. However, if you have kids, you may need to repaint every 2 to 3 years.

How Fast Can Professional Painters Work?

Several factors influence how fast painters work or how early they can complete a painting project. An example of this time difference for painting on different surfaces would be when painting wood vs. plaster. However, an average professional painter can paint about 100 square feet within an hour. Larger rooms may take more time. Depending on the size of the area or room to be painted, the job can be completed within three days or a week.

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